The Design Process Explained

Creating your perfect home should follow a mature process.

The design of your new home or renovation is one of the most important financial commitments you will make.

How do we start the architect design process? What do we need to do at each step?

While every design commission is different, the process remains the same for every project. The activities for undertaking project and site investigations, brief and site analysis and the resultant design, design documentation and construction stages need to be highly regimented to ensure consistency of quality of outcome.

Creating the perfect home for you is our ultimate aim. It is critical however to minimise the risk of cost and time overruns of each and every creation.

Being prepared is the key: make sure you understand the design process, the stages of the process, and the milestones.

Following a clear and consistent investigation and design process, helps to make sure all conflicting project requirements are considered and resolved prior to the construction period.

The “Architectural Process Flow Chart” Explained

I am often asked “Why would anyone hire an architect?”

Building (or renovating and extending) a home is one of the single biggest investments you are ever going to make. You want great design, but you also want to make sure your financial outlay is well directed.

The following flowchart will introduce you to our ‘architectural process’ and how we best achieve an orderly, well considered design and project outcome for you.

How We Can Help You

We love great communication, and we love sharing knowledge that will help you understand our process. We have prepared the following videos to listen to alongside viewing the Architectural Process flowchart.

The first step of any successful project is the production of a clear and comprehensive design brief. Get your brief correct, and you are well on the way to a great project.
The primary objective of the briefing process is to research and analyse the key criteria of your project, ensuring that the correct information is obtained right from the start.
The more accurate and comprehensive the information gained, the less risk to you in the long run.
Our video explains the Project Briefing stage in more detail.

There is more to residential design than developing the ideal floor plan. How do matters of architectural beauty, optomising views, site and environment best inform the design process?
Find out how your architect translates your briefing into a well considered and delightful design solution.

The next stage of the architectural process is the construction documentation stage. In this stage your architect refines the design and assembles the information into a series of technical drawings, specifications and schedules.
Find out how your architect will produce a comprehensive set of architectural drawings.

How can an architect help you during the construction of your home?
During construction, your architect acts as an interface between you and your builder – providing contract administration services.
Our video explains the role of the architect, and the long term benefits to you and your project.