Construction Documentation — also known as the technical design — involves the preparation of technical drawings and specifications suitable for building approval, builders’ costings, and construction.

These documents allow for a builder to produce a more accurate quote on the design, which in turn assists you to achieve the results you want during construction and in the end product (with no surprises along the way).

Our process and deliverables include:

  • Liaising with, coordinating and integrating additional consultant input into the project, such as that of the Structural Engineer, Energy Consultant and Registered Building Surveyor
  • Designing and preparation of technical drawings to set out and explain the design of the intended construction, including plans, elevations, sections, door and window schedules, and construction details to enable statutory approval (Building Permit or Construction Certificate) 
  • Preparing and collating specifications (in line with drawings and requirements) to describe the quality of materials, finishes and quality of work necessary for Statutory  approval to construct the project
  • Preparing additional building design details to clearly communicate aspects of the design, beyond those required for the Building Permit. This includes the interior design, including items such as detailed drawings of your kitchen and bathroom, plus selections of interior materials, colours and fittings.
  • Applying for Building Permit 

We present the Construction Documentation to you to confirm a continuity of our understanding of you and your key project criteria. Once approved, the documents become key deliverables for the Construction of your project.