During the construction period, we provide checks and measures to ensure that the quality of build we have designed for you is adhered to — while minimising your risk of budget and time blowouts.

This is the stage in which your project will be built.

Your architect has two roles during this stage of your project.

ROLE 1: To administer the Contract – acting independently to ensure that the requirements and the processes of the contract are followed by you and your builder. 


ROLE 2: To be your independent adviser and advocate – liaising on your behalf to ensure your project briefing is best represented during the construction process and to ensure compliance with the spirit and intent of the design of your project. This includes liaison and representation of your wishes with the builder (Contractor), any consultants, and suppliers.

“I remember the first site meeting. They were asking questions that I would never have dreamed of asking at the time. They were able to nip a couple of issues in the bud – issues that would have become crises had they not been worked through early.”

CB, Brunswick East

Contract Administration Services are provided in three distinct stages: Pre-Construction, Construction and Post-Construction.


This stage includes the preparation and collation of all the relevant documents that establish the scope, details, cost and timing for the construction of your project. It also includes the preparation and signing of the building contract. 

Once the building contract is signed, the documents form the ‘Contract Documents’ and your project can begin construction (and your preferred builder now becomes your Contractor).


This is the stage in which your project will be built.

You now have a solid building contract in place between you and your Contractor, and your Contractor can begin construction on site. 

Our role is to administer the terms of the contract between yourself and your builder so everyone’s rights are upheld and the correct processes are maintained to deliver an extraordinary result.

During the Contract Administration stage, we:

  • Arrange and attend site visits to observe the progress of the works
  • Clarify and answer any questions and provide supplementary details as required and provide formal instructions to the contractor in response  
  • Assess, certify and maintain records on cost variations
  • Assess, certify and maintain records on time variations
  • Review and assess your builder’s progress claims, and certify for payments


You have the keys to your new home but is it technically finished?

Your home stands finished, the builder has packed up and left, and you’ve moved in. Now you can settle in. Your building will need to adjust and settle in too. There may be a few little things that might require adjusting or finishing (yes, frustrating!). Your contract is your saving grace.

The Defects Liability Period (written into a good building contract) obliges your Contractor to return to complete or adjust any items that are considered to be defects to materials or workmanship. 

We normally recommend a 12-month Defects Liability Period. This allows your new building time to adjust over all seasons and most weather conditions.

Our activities and deliverables during this period would include:

  • Instructing the building contractor in regard to finishing any incomplete work and rectification of any defective work
  • If works are required, coordinating the procedure for the rectification of any defective work by others
  • Assessing and determining final completion and issuing the final certificate