What we do

Here, we go deep! We begin the process of testing and developing your approved Concept Design with a more comprehensive level of analysis, design and presentation.

Design Development examines aspects of delight, function, structure, aesthetics and build-ability.

“I found that Cathi brought to the engagement a thoughtful approach, was respectful to my ideas, and offered some excellent value-add ideas which ended up enhancing the finished product.”

PE, North Fitzroy

Our process and deliverables

This is where we convert the “big ideas” into more tangible plans, including:

  • The exploration and production of more detailed plans, along with preliminary building sections and elevations
  • The consideration of what’s going on inside the key spaces, including preliminary room layouts to verify size, proportion and furniture. 
  • Selecting external materials and preliminary detailing to coordinate  materials, structure and function
  • Creating and investigating shadow diagrams to verify the extent and impact of the proposed building form on adjacent  properties
  • Selecting and engaging any consultants required (such as a structural engineer or energy rater) for this and future stages of your project
  • Reviewing the Developed Design against your budget for the Cost of Works, and coordinating  an updated estimate of the Cost of Works

We’ll also present the Design Development to you to verify that we are still understanding you, your key project criteria, and the correct direction of form, function, structure, material and mood. These will form the foundations of the design moving forward into the next stage of Design Documentation.