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Feeling overwhelmed trying to understand who does what, when and how? Do you need a proactive chat to help you get started with your new home or renovation project? Our free phone consultation will help you to understand the process of what you need to do and when you’ll need to do it.

Building your own home or renovating is one of life’s greatest challenges.

Building and renovating is a costly process – even more so if it goes wrong. Understanding what to do, when to get the experts in, and how, can be very confusing. Understanding the process, the potential pitfalls, and managing the process, and your funds, makes for a smoother, happier and more fruitful outcome.

Book your no-obligation FREE 20-minute telephone consultation to help you understand the process of what you need to do and when you need to do it.

This is a proactive session to help you understand the process of how the ideal design for your project can be developed and what is required of each party to deliver the best outcomes for you and your project.

Some frequently asked questions we can help answer:

  • What are the first steps I should take?
  • What factors might make my project more difficult?
  • Who are the professionals I need to contact?
  • How and when do I hire the team I need to begin and complete the project?
  • How do I get building approval?
  • How long will my renovation take?

Simply enter your details below and you will be directed via email to Cathi Colla Architects to arrange a 20 minute Q&A telephone meeting at a mutually convenient time. We will also send you a questionnaire prior to your meeting to ensure that Cathi is able to focus on your specific requirements.

Note: This is not a design session where your individual design needs will be analysed, interpreted or evaluated. If you are after this outcome, we recommend one of our pre-design services or full architectural services.

Book your no-obligation FREE 20-minute phone consultation now