Getting DesignFIT

Terms and Conditions

Our DesignFIT Service is intended to explore your property’s potential and provide you with relevant information to help you to decide whether to proceed with your project with greater awareness of time, cost, and ongoing services.

Our Design sketch(es) (‘Design’) will be a direct response to your project requirements and objectives, and considers your existing home and site, your budget, sustainability, and possible regulatory issues.

This Service is not intended to provide the final design solution for your renovation, but to present you with an initial feasibility study. It is intended to help you to re-assess, confirm, or clarify your project needs.

This service is limited to one (1) meeting only, and is limited to one (1) design response.
* If your site is more than 50km from our studio, our meeting could be carried out via Zoom or Webex, or via a site visit at additional cost (TBD).
** Any advice in the form of discussion, drawings, and/or sketches should be considered preliminary only, and will require confirmation pending further research and testing.