Our Brunswick East PS Silent Auction offer is your opportunity to meet with an experienced, local, residential architect – to get your home renovation off to a great start – and support Brunswick East Primary School at the same time.

We get it – life’s busy. You work hard, the kids are at school. Your weekdays and nights a full. Your weekends are similarly occupied with family, friends, sport…. Life, and your weeks, fill up quickly with the day-to-day, and before you know it you’re at the end of another year and your home renovation still hasn’t begun!

And you’re home? Back then, when you bought your home, it was charming, novel, and you had great intentions to renovate ‘in a few years’. Now, the kids are growing up fast, and/or home is dark, small, draughty, and in need of lots of work.

Life’s too short – let’s not have your kids grow up before you renovate!
Let’s get your project going NOW!
Bid your way to a Kick Start Consultation with a local residential expert NOW!

And help us to support this year’s Silent Auction, Brunswick East Primary School “Twilight Market”, 2023.


This Silent Auction “Kick Start Consultation” has been created for one very lucky individual, or family, considering renovating and extending their inner city home.

It’s an opportunity to speak with a local residential renovation expert about your home renovation aspirations, and introduce you to the who, what, where, and how to renovate a home in the inner city.

This offer is a no obligation consultation with Cathi, of Cathi Colla Architects, and local resident.

"Light Source" architecture and interior design by Cathi Colla Architects. Photography by Emma Cross Protogaphy
“Light Source” Brunswick East. Alterations and additions to an existing weatherboard cottage, on a long, skinny site with back yard at the north of the  site. In order to maximise the outlook and opportunity for daylight entry into the living areas, and study/ guest room above, we simply created a double height volume.  To learn more about this project head to our project page “Light Source“, Brunswick East.  Architecture and Interior Design by Cathi Colla Architects; Photography by Emma Cross Photographer


This Kick Start Consultation is for homeowners in the Brunswick East Primary School area* who are considering – or are already on the path towards – renovating, extending, or rebuilding a home within the area.
* ‘Area’ is defined as within a 20km radius of Brunswick East Primary School.

Our Kick Start Consultation would suit an individual house, a terrace, townhouse, or apartment. It’s also suitable for a multi-generation home.


We believe in architecture that is ‘fit for purpose’, and design to enable a comfortable, healthy home for now, and for a healthy future. If you are a developer, or are renovating a home for resale, then this consult isn’t for you.


We will discuss your project aspirations and your brief (programme), budget, timing, and any barriers that might be in your way to getting your renovation started. Then we will discuss some creative possibilities, as well as other Planning and Building restrictions that might apply to your site, and a likely timeline for your project. Ideas and sketches are likely to result from this discussion.

Our Kick Start Consultation is intended to occur at your home**. This is so that Cathi can meet with you – the decision maker(s) – as well as to meet your home. If you do not wish to meet at your home, our Kick Start Consultation can alternatively be hosted at our studio nearby in Rathdowne Street, Carlton North.

This Kick Start Consultation will take 1.5 – 2 hours.

**Note: We would be open to consult on an alternative property, such as a holiday home. In this case, we would defer to information supplied by you (or information readily available online). If so, our meeting will occur at our studio.


This is not an inspection service. This Consultation is an introductory offer only.
Cathi Colla Architects cannot provide, or be expected to provide, review or advice on the condition of your home.

Our Kick Start Consultation does not provide advice on construction cost(s), timing, or building conformance matters. Any advice will require verification via further consultation with Cathi Colla Architects (and/or their preferred consultants) undertaken under a formal Client and Architect Agreement.

Turn the House Around, Thornbury
Our “Sunseeker” Project, Northcote. Previously a home that was inward focused with little outlook, or connection with the back yard on the north side of the house. Now renovated, it’s become a lighter, brighter home, and aa home that connects luxuriously with daylight, garden and deck. To learn more about this project and the way we ‘turned the house around’, head to our project page.


Well – how valuable is your time?

We understand that your life is hectic. We recognise that a renovation project is massive undertaking. We respect your time – and we don’t want to waste it – and we value making your time and your efforts towards your home renovation worthwhile.

Our Kick Start Consultation is normally $620 plus GST.

YOUR LOCAL ARCHITECT – Designing for our local community for over 20 years

Cathi Colla, Architect

Cathi Colla has been designing, documenting, and helping home renovations and extensions happen in the Brunswick East, and suburbs, for over 25 years. That means Cathi has been problem solving, negotiating with local Planning and Building Authorities, as well as building a strong network of consultants, builders, and subcontractors for the same time.

Cathi Colla is also a Fitzroy North local. She, and family, have been living, working, schooling and playing in the area for over 20 years.

Cathi has also been down the renovation path herself, recreating a draughty, leaky, shambles of a shack (just down the road from Brunswick East Primary) into a comfortable urban oasis. Now it’s a contemporary home full of light and contemporary character. It’s warm and cosy in winter, and cool in summer. We love it.

This is your opportunity to meet Cathi to discuss your own specific project aspirations and challenges.

Let’s Kick Start your project with your best renovation step forward, and moving in the right direction.

Let’s not have the kids growing up before you renovate. Let’s get your project going NOW!
Good luck with your bidding!