Our Clients’ primary objective was to simply to adapt the interiors of their existing detached weatherboard cottage located in Kensington, Victoria. Our brief was to re-locate the kitchen, add a powder room, and scale down the existing bathroom to accommodate the laundry within the same shell. New joinery components were added to accommodate new study and bedroom storage.

This project incorporates significant alterations to the interior of the home, with only minor adjustments to the exterior facade.

Our brief called for sensitive adaption of an existing four-bedroom detached weatherboard cottage, located on a corner block in Kensington. The existing residence featured a previous extensions at the rear of the home which accommodated an awkwardly designed and worn out kitchen and laundry, with little regard to integration with the living areas, or rear garden. The brief was simply to re-organise the layout to improve the kitchen, bathroom, laundry and storage facilities for a growing family, as well as to improve the connection of the spaces at the rear of the house with the back garden.

The resulting scheme simply congregates the laundry and family bathroom, and locates a powder and shower room in discrete location, and within the main portion of the home. The kitchen is relocated and redesigned to the rear of the home, thus enabling views from the kitchen to the garden and improved integration with the living areas. Further, custom designed joinery is located throughout the home significantly increasing storage capacity.

The primary sustainable design principles for this project include:

  • Retain and adapt an existing building, adjusting only a single external door and two windows to suit the revised internal layout;
  • Sun shading to north facing windows to control solar access to internal areas;
  • Rainwater harvesting for garden use.
Project Team
Cathi Colla Architects
Interior Design
Cathi Colla Architects
Structural Engineer
R. Bliem & Associates Pty Ltd
Building Surveyor:
Reddo Building Surveyors
Greg Sims Photography
Project Details
Total House Area (completed):
No change to existing building footprint

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