How do we experience interior space?

How does it make you feel?

Space is a powerful and essential part of our daily lives. It affects how we live, work, play, and our health.

The key to creating a positive interior space (or sequence of spaces) is using an architect that understands form, space, materials, textures, lighting (natural and artificial), pragmatics and good circulation.

Our interior design service provides you with all of this, our tried and true process, as well as a consistent construction process with architectural quality builders, to deliver a great new space, specifically for you.

Our Interior Design Services include:

  • Understanding your goals and aspirations for your project with consideration to your existing building(s) and your construction budget
  • Design, coordination and representation of internal fit-out details for the design, set out and detail of kitchen, bathrooms and other wet areas
  • Design, coordination and representation of other primary design features such as specialist joinery, stairs and handrails and fireplaces
  • Large scale plans and elevations of specific additional internal areas
  • Design, coordination and representation of service plans for the interiors showing power, lighting, switching, telephone, and mechanical systems
  • Sourcing of materials and finishes for preparation of material palettes (materials board) and presentation
  • Selection, coordination and scheduling of specific internal features of the interior design including joinery, appliances, fixtures, lighting, finishes and colours, furniture and fixtures

Our Interior Design Services are suitable for a house, apartment, office, hotel or retail spaces. If you wish this service may be combined with our “Ready to Build Services” service.