Sustainable Residential Architects in Orange and Districts, Central West, NSW.

At Cathi Colla Architects, we pride ourselves on innovating on the most sustainable level. Working in New York, to The Netherlands and Melbourne, Cathi Colla is proud to be back home and  providing sustainable and beautiful design outcomes in familiar country: Orange NSW.


Award winning architects, Cathi Colla Architects, now welcome new opportunities to provide insightful design and be your local, sustainable, residential architect in Orange NSW.

Along the lines of environmentally conscientious design, we deliver results that are not only creative and tailor-made, but elegant spaces that are to be enjoyed and celebrated, inside and out. Binding this together is our passion for passive solar design and sustainable outcomes.

As your sustainable architect in Orange NSW, we understand the colour, climate, culture and character, which make Orange, and your home, a place like no other in the world. Cathi herself was born and bred in Orange. Cathi’s far reaching knowledge of the Orange and Central West region, together with a breadth of knowledge formed from a foundation of international design experience makes her a perfect fit to be your residential architect in Orange NSW.

Would you like your project to be as hassle-free as possible?

We have found sticking to a clearly defined process means that we can spend more time being more creative. Our process has been used and continually improved over 25 years. It means that we get the most out of the opportunity to explore and create, and it means that we don’t waste anyone’s time – especially yours.

Creating Beautiful Spaces: The Design Process