Student of Architecture – Introducing Amarinda Bazeley

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December 2017 marks twelve months of my work as a student architect at Cathi Colla Architects. In 2016 I relocated

New Photos – Renovations, Additions, Pool and Gardens for a Classic Old Home

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Earlier this year we had the pleasure of visiting a recently completed home renovation designed by Cathi Colla Architects and built

Counteracting Design Conflict

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An interesting design challenge for you – How do you design for a project brief that has an innate conflict

How Lucky Are We? (A New Country Home on the Way)

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Country NSW has many an enticing creek to explore, to paddle in, or simply while away those hot summer days by.

Zaha Hadid – No Compromise

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A fond farewell to you Zaha Hadid. We will miss your fire. “We have lost a woman who has played,

New Photos – Renovations and Additions to Existing Weatherboard Cottage

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Late last year we were able to capture the magic with photos of another of our recently constructed homes –

A New Home and Garden – Just In Time For Christmas

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Christmas has definitely arrived at another of our recently finished home renovations in Clifton Hill. A very happy family have their

New photos on the way – another home renovation finished

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What an exciting time. Our clients are now living and enjoying their newly renovated home. Now its time for the

Competition Entry for “Nature Observatory of Amazonia”

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Nicola Bowman (CCA team member) and Cameron Suisted’s competition entry ‘A Line in the Landscape’ is a finalist entry in the

“Smart Designs” featuring Cathi Colla Architects, The Bayside Leader

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Some expert advice at the right time, is key to making the most of your renovation project – and being