Vera’s favourite walk, by Vera Damczyk

Putting on my hiking boots would be, by far, one of my favourite things to do on a weekend. It’s my ticket to a new adventure into the Australian bush for a walk and more adventure.

I joined a bushwalking club six years ago. I’ve since been on many day walks and pack walks. Sometimes you might be walking the same track you’ve walked before, but there’s always something new to discover!

Walkers as viewed from higher terrain, Cathedral Ranges, image by Vera Damczyk

Thanks to the club’s continuing support and encouragement, I’ve been able to grow into larger boots so to say. I’m now an experienced scout and walks leader. This has allowed me to lead several walks allowing me to share my passion for the Australian fauna and flora.

One of my favourite areas to walk in is the Cathedral Range State Park. The rocky and jagged ridges provide fantastic views and the walk itself can be quite challenging, including rock scrambling, depending on which route you take.

Once you’re up at 920 m above sea level, the Razorback Track lies in front of you like a very sharp blade of a knife – pointing upwards! From there the views seem to be never ending.

Cathedral Ranges, image by Vera DamczykOn the Southern Circuit there’s a choice of ascending the Ranges via the Canyon or the Cave Track. Both have their challenges and test your skills and fear of heights – or tight spaces. I most enjoy the rock-hopping that occurs frequently along this track. It brings out the eight-year-old in me.

Cathedral Ranges walk, image by Vera D

The Northern Circuit, also a Grade 5 rated walk, takes experienced walkers above the tree line and along Ridge Track. There are sheer cliffs to the west of The Cathedral (840 m). It’s a thrill to walk along ‘the edge of The Cathedral’ and reminds me of climbing towers of historic cathedrals in Europe and feeling like you are on top of the world!

Bushwalking, hiking or Wandern has always been my passion. It’s thanks to my dad introducing me to this ‘sport’ even before I could walk. Sharing this passion with friends is rewarding. It always re-fills my cup.

Local flora and fauna along the walk, Cathedral Ranges, image by Vera Damczyk
Cathedral Ranges, image by Vera D
More flora along the walk – and the view! Cathedral Ranges, image by Vera D
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