Are you a woman who’s considering renovating your home but feeling unsure about where to start?

Look no further! Our “Ask an Architect” series, gives you the opportunity to speak with your local design and renovation expert.

Imagine turning your draughty old terrace into a light-filled haven, a space that brings you joy and promotes your well-being. Or picture your current home transformed to perfectly suit your family’s needs, while also being environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. If these ideas intrigue you, or if you simply want to explore the world of design with an architect, then this is the perfect opportunity for you.

Winter is approaching, and it’s time to ignite your renovation plans.

What to Expect from our “Ask an Architect” Session

Our “Ask an Architect” sessions provide you with expert opinions and tailored advice on all your design and renovation-related questions. Whether you’re starting a new project or need a sounding board for your ideas, Cathi and her team of problem-solving architects are here to ensure your dreams become a reality without compromising on style or functionality.

Designed to empower women embarking on their renovation journey, this event offers invaluable guidance and support, with no obligations or strings attached. Just bring yourself, your burning design questions, and an open mind.

During the session, we will cover

  1. Simplifying the design and construction process to make it stress-free and predictable.
  2. Managing your budget effectively, finding the right balance between quality, time, and cost.
  3. The key stages of the design, project approvals, and building process.
  4. What to consider in a typical renovation project.

Turn the House Around, Thornbury
Let professionals turn your dream into your dream home. Commission the right people, from the start, to achieve that special X-factor for your own project. Cathi Colla Architects

What previous attendees have said…

“The benefit to us of the session was the time to explore our general questions about renovation ideas, and to have that combined with a discussion about the project management process.”

“I think the biggest single benefit for us was helping us take the first step by chatting to an architect about our project. It can be a daunting exercise to start, especially as first home owners, so it was a fantastic way to make it more accessible for us. We were grateful for the general guidance as it’s given us food for thought!”

Upcoming Sessions

Winter Series – Saturday 29 July, 2023: Three x 45 minute time slots will run on the hour between 10:00am and 12.45pm.
Spring Series – Saturday 28 October, 2023: Four x 45 minute time slots will run on the hour between 9:00am and 12.45pm.
Summer Series – Saturday 10 February, 2024: Four x 45 minute time slots will run on the hour between 9:00am and 12.45pm.


Join us at the Cathi Colla Architects studio located at 282 Rathdowne Street, Carlton North, VIC, 3054.

Cathi Colla, your host for this information session.

Who are Cathi Colla Architects?

With over 30 years of combined design and architecture experience, Cathi Colla and her team of talented architects are well-equipped to deliver exceptional home transformations, including renovations, alterations and additions, and new homes. Their projects are approached with intelligence and a holistic mindset, ensuring that desired outcomes are maximized and the space’s full potential is realized.

To learn more about Cathi Colla Architects and their philosophy, visit our website.

Ready to Book Your Spot?

To secure your spot in the Winter Series, click here.
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Bookings for the Summer Series will be available soon. If you’re eager to reserve your spot, please email us directly at with your request and details.

Start envisioning the home of your dreams today! Book your Ask an Architect session today and let’s turn your renovation aspirations into reality.

Cathi and Team

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