The Great Lee Street Fete – Silent Auction 2023

The Great Lee Street Fete – Silent Auction 2023

Win an Exclusive Kick Start Consultation with Your Local Architect

Your opportunity to meet with an experienced local architect, and get your inner city renovation off to a great start.

Cathi Colla Architects’ Kick Start Consult Service is tailored for individuals and families thinking of stepping into the renovation world.
Your Kick Start will be your positive introduction to the exciting  journey of creating a new home, with tips and tricks to reduce renovation pain (and assisting you to minimise your risks throughout the design and construction stages).

Cathi Colla is a local. She’s has been living, raising kids (old CNPS kids) and working in Carlton North for over 24 years, during which she’s has been problem solving, designing, debating with local Planning Authorities, and building a strong network of consultants, contractors and builders. She’s also been down the renovation path herself, recreating an awkward draughty shack into a conformable and light filled 3 bedroom home.

Cathi Colla Architects specialise in residential architecture and interior design in the inner city and Melbourne suburbs. We are just around the corner from Lee St Primary in Rathdowne St, Carlton North.

This is your opportunity to meet Cathi to discuss your own specific project aspirations, your renovation needs and challenges – a Kick Start to your project is the best step forward  to moving in the right direction.

The Black Beauty House, by Cathi Colla Architects

Get your new home off to a great start this year with our 2023 Kick Start Consultation.

As the successful winner of our Kick Start Consult Service for the Silent Auction you will receive:

  • An initial meeting at our studio to discuss:
    • your dreams and aspirations for your lifestyle and for your home to support you – now, and for as your family grows and develops
    • opportunities and constraints of your site (and any preliminary planning matters that will affect your project’s potential) and
    • any questions that you might have on the journey to recreating your own home
  • Consultation with your local architect Cathi Colla Architects who are:
    • specialists in residential architecture and interior design
    • lateral thinkers and doers – experts in dealing with local planning and building regulations
    • drawing on 24 years of working in the local area: designing, problem solving and dealing with consultants and builders

For individuals of families who are:
+ busy, know they need to renovate, but just don’t have the time or inclination to start
+ thinking of renovating, building or re-designing their existing home, holiday home, or thinking of purchasing a particular property
+ at the beginning of the process and troubled with bureaucratic challenges; unsure about costs; or just need some design inspiration
+ worried about the costs of renovating, who to speak with, what barriers might be ahead, or
+ just no sure where to begin?

For individuals of families who:
+ happy living in the their dark, cramped inner city housedon’t know/ don’t care about the their home
+ know it all already!

To win simply be the successful bidder for our Kick Start Consult Service 2023 at the Silent Auction at the Great Lee Street Fete.

This is a service provided by Cathi Colla Architects. All proceeds from this service are donated to Carlton North Primary School (Lee Street Primary) “The Great Lee Street Fete 2023”.

Our meeting will be conducted at our studio during normal business hours. Duration is limited to 1.5 hours.
This Service require agreeing to Cathi Colla Architects standard terms and conditions.

Good luck with your bidding!

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