“Smart Designs” featuring Cathi Colla Architects, The Bayside Leader

Some expert advice at the right time, is key to making the most of your renovation project – and being smart and strategic path to a successful renovation. Cathi Colla Architects’ residential renovation project is the feature project in a recent Bayside Leader article, written by Arun Biswas.

In the article David Hallett of Archicentre offers some handy advice for those thinking of renovating, stating a “clever use of space can open up a range of opportunities to improve the livability of a home to suit a family’s needs“. David also adds “some people who buy a home for renovation without a broad design concept often find the home cannot be renovated in the way they want or will be extremely expensive change”.

Our advice for getting the most out of your renovation project: get some expert advice BEFORE you start, ensuring you are well on the way to making fully informed decisions, whilst having a clear path forward.


  • The project featured is our Kensington home renovation. To learn more about this project click here.
  • To have a look at Cathi Colla Architects’ pre-design services (to help you along your way with a clear renovation direction) click here.

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