How Lucky Are We? (A New Country Home on the Way)

Country NSW has many an enticing creek to explore, to paddle in, or simply while away those hot summer days by.

Could you imagine your new home here?

We are getting ready to begin the Concept Design stage for a new country home in country NSW. But before we get carried away with designing, it is extremely important to make sure that this actual spot for a new home is THE best spot.

First, we need to consider pragmatics such as: will it flood; what are the soil conditions; and how do we build (and service) a new home in such a relatively remote location. Some may think this is boring detail – but it certainly makes sure that we understand all the design parameters – and it certainly reduces potential risk for our Client.

It’s early days for this (not-so-little) new house design for this fabulous property in country NSW – and very early days for our new Client – but watch this space!


A country site for a city architect



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