Counteracting Design Conflict

An interesting design challenge for you –
ow do you design for a project brief that has an innate conflict of requirements.

In 1993 a tranquil 1100 hectare site, located on the banks of the NSW Shoalhaven River, was gifted to the Australian People by Arthur and Yvonne Boyd.
The Boyd Education Centre was since designed by Glenn Murcutt & Associates (Glenn Murcutt, Wendy Lewin & Reg Lark). The design began in 1997 with the construction completed in late 1998. 
In 1999 the Boyd Education Centre was awarded the 1999 RAIA Sir Zelman Cowan Award for Public Buildings. Since then the architectural Review Australia (publication) has awarded the education Centre the “Most Influential Building of the Last 25 years” award.
Simply put, this an exceptional space – within it’s very own special place beside the Shoalhaven River.

“Arthur Boyd treasured the tranquillity of Riversdale, hated even the intrusion of occasional speedboats on the river, and is said to have asked that the place “be used, but not used up”  as an educational retreat (1)

I believe that Murcutt’s design is respectful of Boyd’s intent for the future of this property. The design has been described as a building “which heightens the appreciation of its’ surroundings”.

The heart of the matter

Today I read that this very special place is now under design scrutiny.
Six Australian Architects have been commissioned for a design competition for the creation of a new Visitor Hub including a Gallery, Learning Centre and Residential Quarters. The new complex is intended to attract 100% more visitors to the site!
This is an intrinsic conflict of a design brief – a contradiction of Boyd’s intent for the special use of this site, with a quest to bring more people to the area.
It will take a very special design to resolve this conflict.
For more information about the current design competition you can read further here.
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