Cathi Colla Architects featured in “A Day In The Life Of An Architect”

“What is a typical day in the life of an architect like? We decided to tackle that question in honor of Architecture Week 2014, and this is the result: a crowd sourced video featuring over 50 architects and intern architects from 12 nations around the world!”

“As you can see, the sun never sets on architecture. If you are an architect, does this look like your day? If you aren’t an architect, does this look like what you imagined an architect’s day to be like?”
— Enoch Sears, of the Business of Architecture.

Earlier this year Enoch Sears asked a select few architects and small practices of architecture from around the world to contribute to a short crowd sourced video experiment. The result speaks for itself. Enoch has edited a visual synopsis of a typical small architecture practice. Many of us are shown hard at work in the office, or out in the field.

Thanks Enoch, being a part of this crowd sourced experiment and publicity has been fun. It seems the business of architecture is similar no matter where you practice.

To view  the video head to “A Day in  the Life of An Architect”.


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