Student of Architecture – Introducing Amarinda Bazeley

December 2017 marks twelve months of my work as a student architect at Cathi Colla Architects.

In 2016 I relocated to Melbourne from sunny North Queensland and joined the CCA team as a student architect. I have adapted to the studio’s collaborative and passionate work ethic considerably more than I have adapted to Melbourne’s moody weather.

Switching my knowledge of the tropical climate vernacular over to victorian terraces and Melbourne’s local heritage has been a considerable learning curve. However, I have appreciated the freedom that Cathi has given me to learn at my own pace.

Student Life

I’ve jumped right into my postgraduate studies as a student of University of Melbourne, and have thoroughly enjoyed the direction the course has taken me. I have worked with incredibly knowledgeable and inspiring tutors, and am surrounded by a passionate and hardworking cohort.

I am also a proud member of the Student Forum: a group formed to allow adequate representation of the thoughts, opinions, criticisms and queries of the students at MSD and establishing a platform for communication between students and faculty.

Amarinda Bazeley student architecture work masters university of melbourne
An Embassy for Antarctica, Amarinda Bazeley 2017

Working at the Studio of Cathi Colla Architects

2017 has certainly been a challenge in learning how to juggle work and study. Currently, I am studying my Master of Architecture full-time, and working part-time, and I’ve loved every second!

I have learnt immeasurably about the ‘inner workings’ of an architectural business, far beyond my personal student experience. I have been fortunate to work on a wide variety of projects all at different stages of the design process, which has given me a unique insight into Melbourne residential architecture, and also the practices of the studio.

Most importantly, I have worked with our clients carefully and conscientiously (under Cathi’s watchful eye) to understand each client’s personal needs and goals. Following this, we typically focus on group collaboration and discussion to translate the client’s dream into a tangible, architectural design.

Travelling and Studying Overseas

student of architecture Japan study tour
Naoshima Ferry Terminal, SANAA

An incredible highlight of this year was travelling around Japan for 3 weeks during January. I found myself getting lost in the subways of Tokyo, hiking amongst mountainous shrines in Kyoto, and blissfully enjoying the ‘onsen’ (traditional hot springs) in Yudanaka.

I took the opportunity to visit awe-inspiring buildings from the likes of Tadao Ando, Kengo Kuma, SANAA, and Kenzo Tange.

student of architecture Japan study tour
SunnyHills Pineapple Cak  e Shop, Kengo Kuma

Additionally, as a Master of Architecture student, I undertook a travelling design studio that brought my study to Berlin, Germany. Here, we studied residential buildings and urban design ranging from 1927 to present, and covered detached dwellings, multi-residential estates and contemporary apartments.

student of architecture berlin study tour
Studying the city of Berlin at 1:500 scale model

For now, I await my annual Christmas holiday to visit family in Mackay and soak up the sea breeze. I look forward to returning to the studio in January, refreshed and ready for all the accomplishments, challenges, and surprises that 2018 will bring.

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