Elevate Your Home Vision with DreamFIT

Elevate Your Home Vision with DreamFIT

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of home transformation.

Just as dreams materialize with careful planning, our DreamFIT service is the key to turning your home renovation aspirations into a reality.

Step into a realm where creativity knows no bounds, and your dream home takes centre stage.

Why DreamFIT?

Picture this – a seamless journey where your dreams unfold effortlessly.

DreamFIT is more than an introductory service; it’s your ticket to good preparation for a home that reflects your unique style and desire, minimising the risk of nasty surprises.

Open the Door to your New Home. Brunswick East Home, “Light Source”. Architecture and Interior Design by Cathi Colla Architects. Photography: Emma Cross Photography.

Unveiling Your DreamFIT Experience

Dive deep into your dreams, aspirations, and budgetary considerations.

Watch as initial layouts and 3D sketches bring your dreams to life.

Embrace strategies that navigate milestones, turning hurdles into stepping stones toward your dream home.

Embark on your DreamFIT Adventure

Where Dreams Take Shape
Whether it’s your cherished home or a new canvas awaiting transformation, DreamFIT will be your guide.

When Dreams Align
Schedule your personalised session during regular business hours and witness the magic unfold.

Who Dreams with You
We value meeting with all decision-makers in your household, ensuring your dreams are met transparently and efficiently.

How much for the Dream
Invest $1,650 (plus GST) in the first realisation of your dream home, inclusive of preparation, and up to 2 hours of consultation, and our expertise.

Your DreamFIT Opportunity includes

  • An on-site meeting¹ to unlock the potential of your home.
  • Preliminary site layout to revealing possibilities and limitations, shaped by your unique vision.
  • Insightful reviews of Planning Property Reports, tailored to your location (applicable to Victoria or the NSW equivalent).
  • Dreamlike concepts captured in sketches, aligning with your aspirations.
  • Conversations about potential costs and timelines based on similar dream projects, ensuring your vision is within reach.
  • Initial exploration of potential challenges, turning obstacles into opportunities to enhance your dream.
  • Consideration of extraordinary building options, such as Passivhaus and biophilic design, to align with your visionary preferences.

Embark on the journey of a lifetime with your dream home. Discover the magic within our DreamFIT Service.

Your unique vision awaits!
Email us today to get your dream on its way.

Alterations and Additions to Existing Terrace Home, North Fitzroy. Black, White, Timber House: Architecture and Interior Design by Cathi Colla Architects Photography: Emma Cross Photography

What other people say about CCA’s DesignFIT

When we sat down with Cathi and went through the scheme I was really impressed. Cathi had listened to our requirements, addressed them, and come up with some really interesting ideas for our apartment. I was impressed with Cathi’s attention to detail and professionalism. The work she did exceeded my expectations.

— Don C, Toorak

I could see Cathi understood where we were at. I knew how I wanted it to function but I didn’t know how I wanted it to look, or how it could look. That is where Cathi came in.

— Donna M

Our DreamFIT service could also be considered as a “Master Planning Session”. We’ve reinvented this service to be moron keeping with the CCA way, and named it to resonate with the spirit of dreams, removing gendered language from our lexicon.

Your unique vision awaits!
Email us today to get your dream on its way.

Footnote 1: if your project site, or you are,  in a remote location (More than 50km from our studio) we can arrange to meet via virtual meeting via Zoom or similar. Alternatively, we can arrange an onsite meeting with you at additional cost (location dependent).

DesignFIT Terms and Conditions