At Cathi Colla Architects, we believe you deserve an inspiring place, designed especially for you and your individuality.

We believe in good old-fashioned, clear communication, with proactive and professional services that minimise risk to time and budget.

We believe in architecture that encourages healthy living, and design that is respectful of our community and our environment.
And, we believe in design that is simple, elegant, well considered and well resolved.

Creating innovative designs around you and for your future.


Cathi Colla Architects was registered as a business in 2000 by Melbourne based architect and artist, Cathi Colla. Cathi has worked and taught in the architecture industry in Melbourne, Sydney, New York and in the Netherlands for many years, for some amazing architects, and across a diverse range of project types including residential, civic and cultural, community and sustainability, commercial, urban design and place-making.

Cathi embraced the opportunity to ‘do it her way’: effectively, efficiently, and beautifully – and so she did.

Cathi Colla Architects is now a talented a team who share a passion for people and community and great design – architecture with a primary focus for creating calm, beautiful, sustainable and healthy environments. Together, we love to work collaboratively and responsively, thriving on variety and a challenge. But most of all we love working with like-minded people.



With nearly 30 years in the architecture industry, Cathi Colla has carved her niche in creating strategic design solutions, great communication with clients, consultants, builders and other project stakeholders. Cathi has worked with eminent architects in amazing locations, and on high-profile projects (Eisenman Architects in New York, Teun Koolhaas in the Netherlands, Eeles Trelease in Sydney and Denton Corker Marshall, Melbourne – just to name a few). Cathi is an architect, an artist, and a keen supporter of women in a male dominated industry.

A listener and strategic thinker, Cathi loves to get to the heart of the matter – and design a solution. Cathi loves honesty and is inspired by integrity. This means there is meaningful, authentic, and sometimes tough, conversation – understanding with relevance, interest and appropriate responsive – without the fluff.

As leader of the CCA team, Cathi is design lead setting the goals and mood of each project with our mighty team. With Cathi’s endless enthusiasm, she loves nothing more than getting to understand the challenges of each new client, and their project’s very individual requirements.

To contact Cathi email her at


Vera is a German trained architect. She fell in love with Australian architecture on a placement in Melbourne during her studies.

Vera is drawn to the playfulness and connection between architecture and the Australian landscape. Over her 20 years of work in Australia, Vera has synergised her eye for detail, calm nature and collaborative approach to work with clients to pursue their dream for a beautiful and functional space.

When not at work, Vera cares for injured native wildlife, is an active leader in a local bushwalking club and is an avid gardener with a green thumb and love for native gardens.


Always up for a cuddle and quick to give the occasional nudge to remind us that we’ve been at the desk too long, Pepper is the most recent addition to our studio.

Pepper is much loved by those passing by the studio window, and of course, by us. Pepper’s interests include snoozing in the afternoon sun. Her passions include food, food, walking, more food, and… food.