Pre Design Services

Cathi Colla Architects’ extensive experience in local residential design can assist you to identify and clarify the key issues of your project, and establish a clear project direction.

You need the right architect, who has the specific skills, to satisfy your design requirements for your own, very individual, brief, site, and lifestyle.

There needs to be the right fit between you and your architect. This may — or may not — be Cathi Colla Architects.

In our experience, the best way to find out whether we are the right fit for you and your project is to fully understand what you are looking for, and your project needs. This is best achieved through engaging us for an introductory pre-design service.

If, for any reason, we are not an ideal fit then you are free to take the results of our pre-design service, and free to use this information for briefing an alternative architect to continue the process.

Don’t know where to start with listing your project requirements?

Our briefing service will assist you to establish and better understand:

  • Primary project objectives, and production of an outline brief.
  • Discussion and production of an emotive brief.
  • Lifestyle analysis and future-proofing assessment.
  • Preliminary schedule of areas (based on your outline brief).
  • Look and feel of a potential scheme.

Our briefing package includes:

  • Initial meeting, with subsequent delivery of our briefing analysis and report.

Do you have a great site but are not sure how to maximise the potential for your home? Do you have great ideas but are unable to understand how statutory requirements will affect your site and impact the design and building potential?

Our site appraisal service includes:

  • Initial meeting with you — to discuss your preliminary brief and the primary opportunities and constraints of your site.
  • Verbal reporting on local planning authorities’ requirements of your site.
  • Discussion regarding the look and feel of a potential scheme.
  • Explanation of relevant timing applicable for your specific project and site.
  • Initial meeting, with subsequent delivery of site analysis and report.

Don’t know where to start with your project?

Our Discovery package incorporates our Briefing Service with our Site Appraisal Services (combination of Options 1 and 2, above).

Other benefits of our Pre-Design Services include:

  • Site appraisal service to be provided by a registered architect experienced in residential design and the local building economy.
  • The cost of this service credited to the first stage of our core architectural services.

Don’t know how much your project will cost, or are not sure how suitable your budget is for the size of project you are intending?

Cathi Colla Architects can assist you to establish the projected cost for the construction of your home. This service assumes:

  • You own, or have a specific site in mind;
  • You already have a clear understanding of your project brief, including a schedule of areas, project timing, and quality of construction, finishes and fixtures OR You have undertaken our Briefing Service or Discovery Package (Options 1 or 3, above).

This service is provided in collaboration with a suitably qualified Quantity Surveyor.
Call us directly to find out more about how our project feasibility service will be customized for you and your project needs. Call Cathi Colla Architects directly on 03 9349 1454.

  • As this is a pre-design service, there are no illustrations, drawings or plans included in this stage.
  • Meetings to be scheduled during regular business hours.
  • The architect undertakes to deliver the report within 30 business days of the meeting occurring (or by prior written agreement).
  • Payment is required in full prior to booking your meeting with Cathi Colla Architects this Service.
  • If core architectural services are contracted within three months of report delivery, the cost of this service will be credited to the first invoice of our core architectural services.

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