Architectural Services

Every home design is different – and yours should be too

“Architects possess the most appropriate training and experience to totally coordinate and manage your building project.” Extract from “You and Your Architect”, RAIA Practice Services.

Achieving an individual quality home design is not just about what looks good – but how you get there.

The journey to a stress free, well designed and coordinated, design and construction experience is highly reliant on the type of architectural services you choose.

Make sure you make the right investment in architectural services to suit your needs, and all of your project requirements. Choosing the right suite of architectural services will make your journey to achieving a well designed, happy and healthy home worthwhile – and a good investment.

Cathi Colla Architects provide a range of architectural services to suit your design brief, your site, your budget, your timing. Selecting our full architectural services suite provides you with the benefits of a coordinated design and construction delivery, from your preliminary briefing and feasibility (pre-design) to the day you move in to enjoy the benefits of your new home.

Phone Chat Service

Do you feel overwhelmed trying to understand who does what, when, and how, in the residential design and construction process?

An informative no-obligation chat with an expert can clarify the path towards a successful residential design.

We provide a FREE 20-minute phone consultation to help you understand what you need to do, who you need to contact, and when you’ll need to do it.

Pre – Design Services

Need to understand the real issues of your renovation project?

Not sure what challenges are waiting for you along the way?

Cathi Colla Architects’ extensive experience in local residential design can assist you to identify and clarify key aspects of site, permits and timing that are likely to affect the design and construction of your residential project and to establish a clear project direction to prepare for your journey ahead.

Full Architectural Services

Are you ready to launch into your renovation project and require the full benefits of good design AND co-ordination of your design, permits, consultants and builder?

Just like our designs, our architectural services packages are tailor made to you and your project needs – customised to suit your individual requirements of design, budget, and quality.