A Smart Kitchen Location – Working From The ‘Big Picture’ Down To The Detail

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Before you design your kitchen, and certainly before you build your new kitchen – let’s make sure you have located

Good Kitchen Design – Creating A Kitchen That Suits You And Your Home Style

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In today’s ever growing culinary culture it seems our kitchen, and what comes out of it, has become a part

Glossary of Terms

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Architects, designers and builders often use words that have little meaning to those of you outside the planning, design and construction

Rebuild or Renovate – or something in between

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Clients beginning their journey towards a better home often wonder whether it’s best to renovate or to rebuild. It is

Working With Your Architect

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There are many great documents summarising the role and obligations of an architect   “Working with your architect” brochure, by

What Does an Architect Do?

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Having trouble unravelling what an architect actually does? Find out how an architect can assist you to acheive a stress free design and building process.

Finding the Right Architect

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Choosing an architect is not an easy task. You need to find the right architect who has the specific skills