Good Kitchen Design – Creating A Kitchen That Suits You And Your Home Style

In today’s ever growing culinary culture it seems our kitchen, and what comes out of it, has become a part of our identity.

Current popular thinking is that your kitchen design needs to look ‘on trend’ and be hyper-organized. Your kitchen design needs to accommodate every possible time saving appliance at your fingertips AND, most critically, accommodate the rudimentary functions of a kitchen – washing, preparation space, space for food and utensils and, of course, the cooking facilities.

To add complication to any good kitchen design, your kitchen must appear spotlessly clean, function efficiently, and definitely not be the cause of any possible cooking disaster whilst prepping food ‘on show’ in front of your dining guests!

So, how can you ensure that your new kitchen design is perfect for you?

Renovations and additions to existing heritage home in North Fitzroy/ Clifton Hill

In the early stages of any kitchen design it is critical to ensure that the kitchen location suits the way you wish to live, and how you want your kitchen to function. The location should be considered in relation to your living and dining areas, as well as in relation to your outdoor spaces. The next aspect is to consider your ‘kitchen habits’ and how that kitchen best suits your cooking needs.

I met with one client recently to progress their home design towards the planning permit approval stage. This design commission includes additions to our Client’s existing home, specifically new kitchen, dining, and family areas, as well as a new bathroom, powder room and an upper floor bedroom.

We are now at a critical point of our Client’s home design – getting the fundamentals of the kitchen design correct now, means that the detailed design and the construction stages will be a breeze later on! No need for last minute changes, no budget blowouts, and no stress.

So – while I am collecting my thoughts on this house (and kitchen) design – why not share my kitchen design tips with you?
Time to divulge some of our kitchen design secrets… 

When it comes to your kitchen design, your architect really needs to understand you, how you like to cook, how you like to store, and how much you store in your kitchen – and, of course, how you aspire to cook; what where, and how much you need to store; and what items and appliances you will be needing in your kitchen.

Our recent Client meeting reminded me of two critical items that need to be researched and understood before launching into a kitchen design. Make sure that you AND your designer understand:

  1. Your household – to understand how the kitchen functions within the context of your home; and
  2. How you like to cook – to understand how your kitchen should function.

Today we will share with you Part 1 of our 3 Part Kitchen Design Series “Good Kitchen Design – Creating A Kitchen That Suits You And Your Home Style”.

A successful kitchen design will only be as good as the analysis and research carried out before the design begins. When you achieve your successful kitchen design,  you will achieve a custom designed kitchen that is specific to you and your family needs, a kitchen that suits your home, and a kitchen that specifically suits your cooking needs, and your budget.

Read on. Part One of our three Part Kitchen Design Series can be found here.

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