Does your site, or project, require Statutory Planning approval?

Understanding the motivations, opportunities and restrictions, and timing for the necessary approvals can make, or break, your project.


Town Planning (or Development) Application

Having over 25 years experience working with various councils, we know that is important to thoroughly understand the nuances of your council’s requirements very early in your project’s development.

This is where our advocacy and agency can work for you. With a thorough understanding of you, and your project, we can speak on your behalf to represent your motivations with the relevant Statutory Planning team.

What is Required?

This stage essentially gathers the analysis and design into a set of documents and reports suitable for assessment, consideration and approval by your council or local authority for planning consent (Town Planing Permit, or Development Application).

Our process would normally include:

  1. Attendance of pre-application meetings with relevant authorities prior to submission of formal application
  2. Preparing an application for Town Planning, including plans, elevations, diagrams, analyses, studies, reports and other information for the submission
  3. Coordination of any required specialist consultants
  4. Assisting you with lodging formal Planning application, or lodging the application on your behalf