Our Approach

Cathi Colla Architects will work with you to create a contemporary home to suit your 21st century living needs.

If you are planning a new house, or renovating your existing home, the aspects of your project we can assist you with include: managing your budget, optimising site planning, great contemporary design, best practice sustainability, and allowing for the changing needs of your family.

Contemporary Architectural Design

Every client is different. Every project and site is different. The key to great architecture is the optimum design and quality of building resolution for each client and site – one that brings the best balance of construction, spatial pragmatics, and delight.

The common thread between each of our projects is that each commission is treated with the same passion and energy as the last. Whether designing your new country home, inner city terrace, or renovations to your existing home, each design is destined to become a comfortable and calm spatial oasis.

Whatever your design needs are, we strive to resolve the design issues at hand, plus inject inspiring architecture to your project – architecture that delights the senses, feeds the soul, and inspires through great design.

Green Architecture and Ecologically Sustainable Design

Cathi was taught at Newcastle University by leading passive solar design enthusiasts, before ‘green’ was the ‘in-thing’. With more recent formal certification in this area, Cathi also brings sustainability assessment and advice to projects. The principles and practice of energy conservation, design of passive and active energy capture, and integration with design are significant influencing factors to current architectural commissions.

Your well being is a critical consideration to our designs. So too is best practice ecologically sustainable design (ESD). We are committed to best practice ecologically sustainable design.

Like a doctor diagnosing a patient, each project is reviewed to establish the best course of action to suit the specifics of each individual client and their site. Such holistic considerations are to effectively minimise carbon footprint, and range from matters of ‘reuse and recycle’, passive solar design (including solar design, thermal mass and sustainable materials), low impact materials, as well as green building technologies.

All considerations seek to ensure the end result is a healthy, calm living environment with less reliance on artificial heating and cooling.

Architecture and Art

Do you want to create a welcoming, happy and healthy home?

Calm, warm and delightful environments are the answer. Cathi Colla Architects bring together the poetics of space, variation of materials and materiality, smart efficient design, and creative responsiveness to internal and external environments.

The exploration of space, the interrelationship and fluidity of spaces, and the nuances of materials selection and combination of materials are central to Cathi’s art practice and exhibitions. Such explorations of space significantly influence the resolution of architecture and interior design at Cathi Colla Architects.